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Accrualify is officially a TransferWise integration partner.

Accrualify a TransferWise integration partner to power global payouts. SAN MATEO, CA April 13, 2018 — Accrualify, Inc. is has announced it has officially become a TransferWise integration partner. The partnership gives Accrualify customers the ability to pay vendor bills internationally directly from their Accrualify instance, while receiving a competitive transfer rate. “We are excited…
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How Having a Vendor Portal Can Increase Vendor Response Rates

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Today’s topic is one that seems to resonate with all of our customers and with any company that manages more than a handful of vendors. Once your organization starts doing business with 10+ vendors, vendor-management could become very manual and more complex. Some common themes tend to pop up. Here are some of them: Untimely…
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accounting automation software

Accounting Automation Software automation software — Why Accrualify sets out to automate the whole procure-to-pay process, including accruals. There are lots of accounting automation software options out there. Most of them automate the same processes without ever innovating or adding new functionality. With lots of focus on cloud-based accounting automation software innovating the finance department, why are…
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purchase order system

Why your company needs a purchase order system.

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A prospective customer asked me a question that was simple but complex to answer. I normally have an answer right away, however this question required a response greater than a couple of sentences. The question was, “Why does a company need a purchase order (‘PO’) system? Many startups seem to be functioning fine without a…
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