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Our Mission

Simply put, the mission at Accrualify is to leverage AI and machine learning to address the many pain points corporate finance organizations face on a daily basis. It was this principle that led us to become one of the only spend management software companies to develop a process that automates month-end accrual processes.

We Value People

Even though our products leverage emerging technologies to improve spend management processes, we hold dear the power of human creativity. We build our products to reduce the time accounting personnel spend managing AP processes so they can more effectively use their time to solve complex planning and financial problems and drive the finance organization as a thought leader within their company.

We Put the User First

Many of the spend management solutions out there are bloated and process heavy. It’s a key initiative here at Accrualify to keep our products user focused. Because of that, we constantly assess how to improve the user experience so our customers can stay focused on completing a task faster and more efficiently. We know there is always room for improvement in our products and aren’t afraid of drastically changing product features to better serve our users.

Interested in a robust automation platform?

Accrualify’s complete procure to pay
software suite automates, manages,
and tracks every aspect of corporate
spend data.
Accrualify provides companies with:
  • Enterprise-grade procure to pay

  • A cloud-based platform for remote and office teams

  • Real-time decision with direct a ERP integration

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