Accrual automation for faster close times and less frustration.

The Accrual Module is the only comprehensive accrual management and automation tool currently in the market. Automate accrual requests, generate accrual rollforward reports, and set up automated accrual reversals all in one powerful tool.

central repository for all AP communications

Central repository for all month-end accruals.

No more spreadsheets. No more sporadic emails from vendors. Just one single tool that requests, collects, and pushes accrual estimates directly into your ERP system.

match invoices to accruals

Match invoices to accrual estimates.

Link fragmented transactions by automatically matching invoices to your accrual estimates. Combine other modules like the Payments Module and Purchase Order Module to show the full audit trail in order to keep auditors happy.

accrual automation

AI generated accrual estimates.

The Accrual Module will generate accrual estimates based on open purchase orders and historical data for each vendor. Admins can approve or adjust these automated accrual estimates, further helping the platform to generate more accurate estimates.

easy confirmations

Easy accrual confirmations with external vendors or internal employees.

Assign an external or internal contact to an accrual campaign. Accrual campaigns send out accrual estimate requests with a single click, reducing the amount of time contacting vendors or internal employees for estimates. In combination with the Vendor Portal, confirmation responses increase by 40% as compared to email. Plus, all data is automatically input to the Accrualify platform and pushed to your ERP system.

journal entry mapping

Advanced journal entry mapping.

With our advanced journal entry mapping, you can tie accrual estimates to multiple expense accounts and to subsidiaries, departments or locations. Our journal entries are as flexible and as in-depth as you need them to be.

reporting features

Accrual rollforward reporting.

Unique to Accrualify, this report shows the beginning balance of accruals outstanding, new accruals booked, invoices matched to accruals, and the ending balance of accruals at the end of your set reporting period. Additionally, the accrual rollforward report is segregated by vendor for further insight into your accruals.

accrual reversal automation

Auto-reverse feature.

Automatically reverse an accrual estimate from one period to the next for cleaner reporting.

See how the Accrual Module can simplify accruals dramatically reduce your close time.