Comprehensive, automated procure to pay software for corporate finance teams.

Corporate finance teams are already overburdened. Accrualify’s complete procure to pay software suite automates, manages, and tracks every aspect of corporate spend to make end of month and quarter closings less time consuming and less stressful.

purchase order management

Purchase order management.

The complete Accrualify suite include our Purchase Order Module. Features include:

  • An easy to use interface
  • The ability to build complex approval workflows
  • A chat feature between requestors, approvers, and admins, which is saved with the PO for historical archiving
  • Budget integration
  • Item lists
  • Tax tables
  • Direct integration with tier-1 ERP systems
  • The ability to onboard new vendors
  • Subsidiary and departmental definitions
accrual automation

Automated accrual requests, input, and management.

Also included is our Accrual Module. Features include:

  • A central repository for all month-end accruals
  • The ability to match invoices to accruals
  • An auto-reverse function
  • Accrual confirmations with external vendors or internal users
  • Accrual rollforward reporting features
  • Audit trails
  • Advanced journal entry mapping
invoice automation

Invoice collection and approvals.

The full procure to pay software suite features our Invoice Automation Module for better invoice collection and approval. Features include:

  • An easy to use interface
  • Automated data entry through advanced machine learning
  • Integration with all tier-1 ERP systems
  • Advanced approval workflows that can include team/department approval
  • Processing of most file types: JPEG, PDF, PNG, etc.
  • International currencies
  • An audit log
domestic and international payments

Easy payments.

Our Payments Module makes paying vendors a breeze. Features include:

  • Domestic ACH Payments
  • International payments
  • Tier-1 banking integrations
  • Advanced payment approval workflows
  • Batch approval capabilities
  • Paper check capabilities
  • Remittance notifications
  • Bank reconciliations

Department, subsidiary, and business unit budgets.

Large companies frequently need ways to expose department, subsidiary, or business unit budgets to their respective managers. Our Department Spend Module helps finance teams give managers the tools they need for better spend management. Features include:

  • The ability to extend budgets by department, subsidiary, business unit, or any other metric
  • Access to department budgets for departmental heads and VP’s for deeper insights into spend
  • A dashboard with quantitative metrics that include top PO’s, top invoices, remaining budgeted amounts, etc.
  • Comprehensive spend and budget views allowing managers to make appropriate spend decisions
  • The ability to bulk approve purchase orders, invoices, and payments
  • A chat feature between requestors, approvers, and admins, which is archived
better vendor response rates

Vendor management.

Also included is the Accrualify Vendor Portal for easier vendor management. Features include:

  • A central means of communication between vendor and purchaser
  • A dashboard with metrics that includes days outstanding, open invoices, Ppayment status’, payment methods, etc.
  • Real-time insight into all receivable function including AR representatives, invoices, payments, PO’s submitted, and accruals
  • Banking information input (domestic and international)
  • Fillable W-9 and contract uploads
  • EIN and Tax ID validation
  • Invoice submission
  • Accrual submission

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