Complete spend insight for better departmental purchasing decisions.

Make budgets more transparent to departmental or subsidiary managers with the Department Spend Module. This module gives managers the tools and data they need to control spend within their organization. Robust tools give them a single repository for communications within their teams and faster approvals.

spend management budgets by department, unit, subsidiary

Extend budgets by department, subsidiary, business unit, or other metrics.

The Department Spend Module allows your finance organization to define budgets by various metrics, letting you expose them to department managers, subsidiary managers, and more for better spend management.

reporting features

Mini-dashboard for managers with greater spend insights.

Our mini-dashboard for managers provide quantitative metrics that includes details like:

  • Top purchase orders
  • Top invoices
  • Remaining budget amounts
  • Additional rich insights
bulk action tools saves time

Automated bulk action tools.

The mini-admin portal for department and subsidiary managers offers them bulk approval options for purchase orders, invoices, and payments. These integrate seamlessly with the admin portal to keep consistent to defined approval workflows.

smarter decision making

Smarter decision making.

By providing transparency to managers, they are able to make better budgeting decisions and more easily keep tabs on their organization’s spend.

central repository for all AP communications

A single repository for internal communications.

The Department Spend Module provides chat tools that are logged into the overall system. Chats are tied to their respective purchase orders, invoices, and payments. Employees will no longer need to sort through dozens of emails for information tied to a specific spend item.

Ready to see how full transparency with department managers will help your organization with spend management?