Corporate Multi Cards
for Instant, Secure Payments.

The Multi Card Module gives corporate finance
teams more control over payments, employee spend
and other transactions.

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Corporate Card Program

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Accrualify's corporate multi card program provides virtual card solutions intended for middle market & enterprise finance teams to manage organizational spend.

Real-Time Spend Tracking
Issue and manage virtual card spend in real-time.
Easy Requests, Smart Approvals
Make it easier for employees to request virtual cards.
Credit and Prefunded Models
Pick the funding method right for your organization.
Velocity Controls

Prevent Fraud with Robust Spend Controls

Create multi cards for specific purchases or limited use. Administrators can apply conditional requirements and policy thresholds to authorize and restrict payments by category, merchant, dates, and more.

Advanced Workflows

Create and Apply Custom Approval Workflows

Start using multi-layered workflows for approvals and link purchase orders to multi card requests. Once approved, a multi card will be issued against the amount listed on the purchase order. Automation records total amount and issuance details from the purchase order.

Centralized Card Dashboard

Control Your Cards from One Centralized Location.

Control all card transactions from one central repository. Code all purchases and synchronize real time to your ERP. Issue cards against a PO, apply strict controls and ensure you are within budget. Manage vendors and subscriptions with ease.

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Accrualify's Corporate Multi Card program is designed to make it easier and safer for enterprise finance teams to instantly make purchases with a robust set of controls that your financial team can configure.

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Accrualify Corporate Multi Card Benefits:

Velocity Controls

Virtual Cards may be issued with purchase rules and restrictions that are tailored to your company’s purchasing.

Advanced Workflows

Employees can easily request a virtual card via a PO request in Accrualify. Approval workflows ensure all card spend is appropriate.

Transaction Coding

All purchase transactions are clearly listed with bulk JE posting functionality.  No more waiting for month end to record spend.

International Issuance

Depending on your location Accrualify allows for international issuance of cards to places like Canada, UK, EU and more.

Credit + Prefunded

Because Accrualify works with a few different banks and processors, you have the choice to pick the right program.

Pay Vendor Bills

Pay your vendor bills directly with a card. Allow for additional payment methods with multiple benefits to both parties.