Easy domestic and international payments on a single platform.

Paying your vendors will become a breeze with the Payments Module by Accrualify. This module allows for easy to setup and customize approval workflows for both domestic ACH payments and international payments. Because of our integration with trusted payments partners, you’ll be able to directly send payments without needed to set up additional accounts on your end.


Tier-1 banking integrations.

Accrualify’s Payments Module syncs well with all tier-1 banks, allowing you to easily make ACH payments directly from your existing bank accounts.

international currency support

Domestic ACH and international payments.

Easily pay vendors electronically both domestically and internationally. We’ve partnered with Silicon Valley Bank and Transferwise to provide reliable, easy e-payments.

custom approval workflows

Advanced payment approval workflows.

Build and customize approval workflows based on rule sets, multiple approvers, teams, and more. Have the flexibility you need to assure payment approvals match company best practices, all with an easy-to-use workflow builder.

automated approval workflows

Batch approvals for faster payments.

Approvers can easily approve multiple payments with just a few clicks. Because of the grid format, approvers can quickly view important payment details for multiple payments on a single screen. Alternatively, for a more flexible approval process, approvers can click on a single payment to see all details and approve in single-payment view as well.

automatic paper check

Automatic paper checks.

If you have vendors that don’t accept electronic ACH payments, the Accrualify Payments Module has the ability to cut and send paper checks on your behalf, making this payment method as seamless as an electronic payment.

automatic notifications

Remittance notifications.

Send automatic remittance notifications through the Payments Module to vendors and internal contacts after payments are processed and sent. No more manual emails needed.

bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliations.

The Payments Module includes bank reconciliation. We’ll match balances in your Accrualify instance to your bank statements, saving your team time to work on other initiatives.

Want to see how the Payments Module can make scheduling ACH payments less time consuming and streamlined?