Purchase order management and automation for better spend tracking.

The Purchase Order Module can stand alone or comes as part of the Accrualify Spend Management Platform. A simple purchase order management solution that allows employees to request various types of purchase orders that automatically enter an approval workflow that is tailored to your company policies.

custom approval workflows

Unlimited workflow.

Allow several levels of approval by specific individuals, teams, and executive leadership or through logic-based rules (e.g., >$10K requires CEO approval). The Purchase Order Module is dynamic enough to integrate all workflows and modify them on the fly.

multiple po type support

Support for multiple PO types.

The Purchase Order Module provides the flexibility to incorporate vendor specific POs, blanket POs, expense reimbursement POs, and other types of POs. PO types include:

  • Single Vendor
  • Multiple Vendor
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Blanket
Line Item Support

Line item support.

Whether the PO needs to be specific or generic, the Purchase Order Module allows for specific line items and the ability to flag those line items. Line item requests include tax tables for more accurate pricing, and, when integrated with the Department Spend Module, can be linked to departmental or subsidiary focused budgets.

Mini Admin View

Mini admin view.

Management can expose the link between POs, invoices, accruals, and payments to select participants to provide a comprehensive view over POs and associated spend. When integrated with the Department Spend Module, you can expose budget health to your managers as well.

better vendor response rates

Logged communications with approvers and requestors.

The Purchase Order Module allows requestors and approvers to communicate directly with each other via the module. Chats are logged for audit trail purposes and to keep all members in the loop. Additionally, you can loop in unassigned followers to weigh in on questions and responses.

Auto ERP sync

Direct ERP sync.

Reduce PO detail input dramatically by automatically syncing the Purchase Order Module to your ERP system.

Ready to see the Purchase Order Module can simplify your purchase order management?