Up-sell top-tier business account customers to create new revenue streams.

Offer your top business account customers a cutting-edge, cloud-based spend management solution to create new revenue streams and gain competitive advantage for your bank. Accrualify products can be white-labeled or offered as part of a top-tier business account.

Benefits for banks.

New Revenue

Offer Accrualify procure-to-pay products as a service add-on for top-tier accounts or upsell business customers.

Competitive Differentiator

Separate yourself from competitors by offering enterprise-level accounts payable services. Attract more customers and position yourself as an industry leader in business banking.

Branded as Yours

With our white-labeling services, we will deploy our cloud-based software with your logo and bank colors.

Seamless Integration

All of our deployments support single sign on services so your customers have a seamless experience between your website and our products.

No Maintenance

Because our products are cloud-based, your IT team will never need to touch code or update our software. We maintain your deployment for you.

White-Glove Support

Our customer support team will handle all support requests directly. We offer an industry leading SLA with response times at 24 hours or less.

Benefits for your business customers.

Digitized P2P

Many businesses still manage their procure-to-pay processes manually. Offering them Accrualify products helps them save time by automating many of those tasks.

Time Savings

By automating accounts payable, your business customers can save up to three days of time managing day-to-day tasks, plus close their month-end books faster.

Audit Trails

By using Accrualify’s Spend Management Platform, your business customers create an easy to follow audit trail, which prevents unexpected audits from the IRS.

Centralized Communications

Accrualify’s products offer in-app messaging between admins, employees, and vendors for a complete log of conversations tied to purchase orders, invoices, and payments.

Easy Bank Reconciliations

Because our products are tied into their accounts with you, your customers will have an easier time performing monthly bank reconciliations for a clearer spend picture.

Better Vendor Management

By offering our Vendor Portal, your customers can increase vendor response rates to invoice and accrual requests, provide better transparency to vendors, and reduce data input.

white-label products for banks

Download the “White-label Services
for Banks” Datasheet to learn more about our white-labeling services.