Save time on daily AP tasks, reduce time spent on closing periods, and reduce errors with AP automation.

Accrualify’s products are all designed with AP automation in mind. Automate everything from approval workflows, accrual and invoice requests, data input, vendor management, ERP syncing, and more.

time savings

Less paper, more time.

Paper is messy. It’s bad for the environment and difficult to manage when there’s a lot of it. By digitizing and automating every aspect of your AP process, you remove paper and spreadsheets from the equation. That means less manual management for your AP clerks, plus a single repository for all your spend data. Accrualify automates purchase order approvals, accrual requests and input, invoice requests and approvals, payment approvals, and vendor management.

better vendor response rates

Easier, hands-free vendor management.

Your AP team has a lot on their plate, so adding uncommunicative vendors to the mix can be a real time-suck. Accrualify’s AP automation platform includes the Vendor Portal, which allows your vendors to quickly and easily input accrual estimates, invoices, banking and contact information, tax information, and more—taking the burden off of your AP team. Because of the insights the vendor portal provides to your vendors, our customers have seen a 90% adoption rate and an increase in vendor response.

accrual automation

Automate those pesky accruals. Finally.

If your accrual estimate process is like most companies’, your AP team needs to manually contact each vendor, who may or may not respond, then manually input the estimate to a spreadsheet and tie it to a purchase order. Well, no more! Accrualify is one of the only spend management systems to automate the accrual process. Easily set up accrual campaigns to email all vendors with open POs in a single click. Because vendors have access to the Vendor Portal, response rates increase, and your vendors do the accrual estimate input—not your AP team!

custom approval workflows

Automated, flexible approval workflows.

No more lost emails, no more confusion on who approves what. Accrualify products include customizable approval workflows for purchase orders, invoices, and payments. Make workflows as complex as you need them by setting additional approvals based on amount, set team approvals, or any set of criteria your company policies require.

Auto ERP sync

Auto-sync to your ERP system.

Accrualify’s platform easily connects to most ERP systems. Because of our auto-sync feature, your team will never need to manually add AP information again.

AP Automation

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