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With our latest fundraise, we will put the focus on enhancing customer experience.

The last few months have been exciting here at Accrualify. We have lots of positive things happening and will be making more announcements around them in the near future. The most exciting announcement is that we have raised $3.2 million in Series A funding with our new investor, Aligned Partners. We’ve seen a drastic evolution…
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Accrualify launches PO Manager for BitTorrent to help manage purchase order creation and approvals.

Accrualify deploys their complete add-on module to help companies manage purchase orders and streamline the PO approval process. SAN MATEO, CA August 4, 2016 – Accrualify, Inc. announced its PO Manager add-on module, which allows users to create and manage purchase order requests, automate PO approval processes, and create new vendor requests to corporate finance…
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Accrualify launched

Accrualify has officially launched!

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New company aims to take the frustration out of accrual accounting by automating processes. Accrualify officially launched the Accrualify Purchaser Platform to simplify accrual accounting requests and put a handle on vendor management. SAN MATEO, CA April 15, 2016 – Accrualify, Inc. officially launched the Accrualify Purchaser Platform, which aims to simplify and automate the…
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