Complete Spend Management from Procure to Pay

Save time and money by automating your company purchase order, vendor management and onboarding, accrual, invoicing, and payment processes.

A one-stop application solution for efficient procure-to-pay management

Purchase Orders

Easy PO submission

Automated approval workflows

Multiple PO types supported


Automated requests

Vendors input accrual estimates

Can be tied to POs or budgets


Processing automation

Automated approval workflows

PO and/or budget matching


Automated approval workflows

Domestic and international

PO and/or budget matching

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Accrualify offers finance organizations solutions to gain full control and insight into their procure-to-pay month- and quarter-end processes. Our products allow your finance team to automate daily and monthly accounts payable tasks like purchase order creation and approval workflows, accrual requests, invoice collection and approvals, and electronic payment approvals. Additionally, Accrualify gives your company tools for better vendor management and transparency.

The Accrualify procure-to-pay ecosystem

Benefits of using Accrualify products

time savings

Time Savings

Save up to 240 hours per month on your P2P processes

data accuracy

Better Data Accuracy

Reduce human error for better GAAP compliance through automation

better vendor response rates

More Vendor Responses

Increase vendor response rates to accrual and invoice requests

automated approval workflows

Clear Approval Workflows

Define approval workflows for POs, invoices, and payments

service level agreement

Guaranteed SLA

24/7 support, with response times under 24 hours

business scalability


Our platform grows with you since we bill by transactional volume instead of per user

customizable platform

Platform Customization

All modules work together and separately, allowing you to create a platform that meets your needs

Auto ERP sync

Real-time ERP Sync

Never do an overnight batch again since our platform auto syncs with your ERP

Approvals stay on pace with the Accrualify mobile app

Company managers can submit, track, and approve purchase orders, invoices, and payments while on the go with our convenient mobile app. No more waiting for the boss to get back for that crucial financial item to get approved.

mobile PO, Invoice, Payment Approvals

Top-tier banking partners for accurate e-payments

We’ve partnered with world-class banking partners to deliver fast, reliable electronic payments, both domestic and international.

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