Purchase Order
Management for
Better Spend Tracking.

A simple or complex purchase order management solution
that allows employees or admins to request  purchase
orders automatically with robust approval workflows.

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Purchase Order Management

Simplify, connect, and track purchase orders

The Purchase Order Module provides the flexibility to incorporate vendor specific POs, blanket POs, expense reimbursement POs, v-card POs, and more. Modernize your PO system with Accrualify's highly configurable purchase order management and automation for better spend tracking.

Enterprise Functionality
2 way match and 3 way match support
Integrated Receiving
Partial receiving, multiple line items, UOM.
Punchout Catalogs
Shop with Office Depot, Amazon, and more.
Robust PO Functionality

Transcend PO Boundaries

The Accrualify PO system provides a flexible solution for all procurement needs.

-Map subsidiaries, locations, departments. Integrate budgeting, catalog and line item management.

-Define 3-way or 2-way match controls and PO variance tolerance thresholds. 

- Provide rank & file users the ability to request new vendor additions and pre-load W-9's, contact data and more. 

- Restrict requisition orders and provide admins with the authority to make changes on the fly. 

- Expose categories and other reporting metrics to allow for ease of use.

Mobile Access

Mobile Requisition & Approval

Allow all of your employees to request PO's from our desktop or mobile application. Approve PO's on the fly and integrate v-cards, expense reimbursement and other Accrualify modules for a comprehensive spend experience.

2-way & 3-Way Match

PO Matching At Its Best

2-way match between a PO and invoice. 3-way match between PO, invoice and receiver. Define variance threshold allowances. Identify vendors who require a PO vs those that don't. Create custom workflow on invoices matched and define invoice payable rules depending on the matching configuration.

PO types include: Single Vendor, Multiple Vendor, Reimbursement, Card, and Blanket.

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Explore Accrualify's Robust Purchase Order Solution

The Purchase Order Module can stand alone or comes as part of the Accrualify Spend Management Platform. A simple purchase order management solution that allows employees to request various types of purchase orders that automatically enter an approval workflow that is tailored to your company policies.

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Purchase Order Module Benefits:

Custom Workflows

Allow several levels of approval by specific individuals, teams, and executive leadership or through logic-based rules.

2 Way Match

Verify purchase order and invoice amounts or verify that the receipt and invoice information match quantities .

3 Way Match

Compare the purchase order; the goods receipt note and the supplier's invoice before approving a supplier's invoice for payment.

Line Item Support

Whether the PO needs to be specific or generic, the Purchase Order Module allows for specific line items and the ability to flag

Communication Logs

Chats are logged for audit trail purposes and to keep all members in the loop. you can loop in unassigned followers.

Variance Thresholds

Define authorized variance thresholds and deploy controls to determine invoice payables. Reject invoices as needed and banter as needed