Fully Integrated Expense

Rich automation features make reporting and
paying employee expenses a breeze, saving
teams more time for higher value tasks.

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Fully Integrated

Automate and manage reimbursements

Ensure your employees are following company expense policy. Integrate your reimbursements within one spend management system. Apply per diems and process multiple currencies.

Multiple Currency Payout Capabilities
Reimburse in USD, CAD, EUR, GBP and more
Apply Per Diems
Weekly, monthly, annual per diems.
Categorize Transactions
Automate the GL coding of expenses by categories.
Faster Reimbursements

Direct payment to employee bank accounts

Pay employees directly from your existing bank account. Employees see faster reimbursement times thanks to automation. Synchronize expense reimbursements directly into your ERP and record transactions real time. Apply approval workflows as needed to fit your company requirements.

Desktop + Mobile

Report expenses from our mobile app

Allow employees and approvers to submit and approve using our mobile app. Integrate our multiple modules for a comprehensive mobile spend solution.

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Ready to automate your Expense Reimbursements

Make paperwork a thing of the past! Improve expense reimbursement times by eliminating lengthy in-person processes. Request reimbursements from your smartphone or computer. Your team will never need to manually add journal entries for employee expenses again.

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Expense Reimbursement Features:

Add Custom Policies

Incorporate existing policies into your expense reimbursement workflow. Create a process that works better for teams.

Create Workflows

Streamline workflows for quicker reimbursement times. Incorporate automation into existing policies.

Bulk Reimbursements

Approve reimbursements in bulk or apply automatic approval as needed.

Categorize Expenses

Pull in the existing categories from your ERP system for seamless integration of data between your systems. Or create your own and map.

Mobile or Desktop

Utilize our mobile or desktop applications. Work from home or anywhere with a truly flexible solution.

ERP Integration

Accrualify easily connects to most ERP systems. Teams never need to manually add journal entries for expenses.