Optimize your spend visibility to prevent unintended costs.

Without a good view on your company spend, it’s not uncommon to lose sight and overspend on budgets. Accrualify’s products are all designed to give everyone in your company has better spend visibility from within budgets, departments, and overall. Taking the guesswork out of your spend management means smarter decisions overall.
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You make the decisions

We Automate the Processes:

Exposing spend to employees.

Accrualify makes requesting purchase orders easier. Employees fill out a simple request form in the platform, which is then sent into an automatic approval workflow. Because of ease of use, employees are more likely to request spend approval and have a better view on their department’s spend against budgets.

Exposing spend to vendors.

Often times, it is difficult for vendors to keep track of their billing against purchase orders. Accrualify’s Vendor Portal not only increases vendor participation in responding to AP requests, but also creates more transparency for them. In the portal, vendors are able to see all assigned purchase order balances, track their accrual estimates, see submitted invoices, and track their payments. With more vendor participation, your company is better able to keep them on budget.

Exposing spend to managers.

Department managers have a lot on their plate. On top of managing staff, vendors, projects, and upper management, they need to track department spend. The Accrualify Department Spend Module offers many of the same features as the Employee Portal, but also gives them more robust dashboards that details departmental spend and budgets. Having a better view of their budget health allows them to make better decisions and prevent overspend.