Effortless vendor management that provides full transparency.

Vendor management doesn’t need to be time consuming or secretive. With the Vendor Portal, service providers can input their company and contact details, accrual estimates and invoices, and better communicate with finance teams. Also included are tools for vendors to track what’s important to their business.

vendor management means data input by vendors

Vendors input information, not admins.

Vendor management doesn’t need to be a manual process any longer. Admins simply send a request to vendors to sign up for the free Vendor Portal where they can submit:

  • All company and contact details
  • W-9 and W-Ben forms
  • Banking information for payments
  • Monthly or quarterly accrual estimates
  • Invoice details

All of this information is automatically stored in the Spend Management Platform, where invoice and accrual estimate details get automatically pushed to your ERP system.

better vendor response rates

Increased vendor response rates.

Gone are the days of chasing down information from vendors by email and phone. With the Vendor Portal, vendor response rates can increase by up to 40% compared to traditional phone and email requests.

increased transparency

Better transparency with vendors.

To facilitate more transparency between purchasers and vendors, the Vendor Portal allows vendors to see:

  • Previous invoice and accrual submissions
  • Current PO balances
  • Status of pending invoice payments
  • Prior communications with admins

Ready to see how the vendor management with Accrualify will increase your vendor engagement?